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" A 22 piece jazz ensemble that knows how to really cook"

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The Musicians -                  


                     Brad Griffin: Bass

                    Mark Gebbie: Guitar

                    Jose Alvarez: Latin Percussion



                    Mark Niekrewicz : Alto

                    Joan Freeman: Alto

                    Don Twitchell: Alto / Bari

                    Ralph Buono: Tenor / Soprano ( General Manager )

                    Mark Chitjian: Tenor

                    Huy Huynh: Tenor


                    Don Chisamore ( Vice-President )

                    Seamus Cobb  

                    Dave Baxter               



                     Mark D'Amico ( President )

                     Dave Quenzler

                     Cathy Miller


                     Vito Petroccitto

                     Diana Ferrara

                     Michelle Leblanc


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