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" A 22 piece jazz ensemble that knows how to really cook"

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  The Band

    Switch-In-Time is a musical organization established in 1985. The band is a musical club that has a long standing tradition of preserving big band music and the jazz ensemble. The band has been known for its performances for worth causes including the XP Society, The American Heart Association, and the Castle Point Veterans Hospital. 

    Switch-In-Time is open to young talent who would not otherwise been given the chance to be exposed to professional level jazz. We invite these students to explore their full potential and begin developing the skills it takes to be a professional musician. 

    The band in their travels have produced three CD's one of which is available to the general public and is entitled Switch-In-Time Live! 1999.  In the near future the band will be releasing its second retail CD with a completely new line up with no songs repeated. 

    The band is an active member in the dance community providing live music at special functions throughout the entire Hudson Valley area.  

    The Band is comprised of the following groups of people. 

 Made up of Band Officers, Director, and the General Manager.

  The Musicians that make Switch In Time the best jazz ensemble around.

 The people behind the scenes that records our concerts and keeps track of the music and timing.

  Switch-in-Time is looking for excellent musicians like you!




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