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" A 22 piece jazz ensemble that knows how to really cook"

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The Story Behind The CD

    Executive Producer: Ralph Buono

    Producers: Mark D'Amico, Don Chisamore, and Brian Wojszynski

    Recording & Mix Live to DAT: Brian Wojszynski

    Mastering Engineer: Mike Cirile

    It all started with a vision to put the fabulous performances of Switch-In-Time on CD for everyone to enjoy. We knew he had a great line-up of songs for a CD but there was a limit of how much music we can put on a CD. The band management made some tough decisions but in the end we produced the best CD that represents the band as a whole.

    We knew that to make a high quality CD we needed to record the band using all digital state of the art techniques. After careful research and trial and error we devised the best recording techniques for Digital to Digital transfer of the music. 

    Every Musician playing in Switch-In-Time has his or her own condenser microphone that is mixed on a dedicated channel on the mixing board. The total channels that are mixed is 24 during a live recording of the band. The microphones are routed through a 24-channel snake that feeds the mixing board and is recorded strait to Digital and Analog Tape. The Analog is used as a reference recording and as an archive copy for the music library. 

    Post Production Work:

    The Digital Tape is time coded and sent to be made into a Compact Disc (CD) using state-of-the-art audio and computer equipment. The audio is transferred in its' raw state directly to Hard Disk on the computer. The CD is prepared on a Digital Audio Computer Workstation running Sonic Foundry Sound Forge.  All of the audio from the recording made on the DAT is cleaned up, tweaked and given a little processing. Digital Audio is great for clarity but it leaves the audio sounding too cold and distant. The mastering of the audio is prepared on the 24-bit word length at 48.0khz. The audio is then dithered down to the CD standard. The CD is finally prepared and the IRSC and de-emphasis codes are placed in the audio for maximum sonic resolution during playback. The master CD is burned and stored in the library for the bands internal use. 

    CD's Produced and Recorded by Switch-In-Time:

               Available For Purchase:   

                         Switch-In-Time Live! Summer 1999 CD 1 

               Not Scheduled For Release: Check Back at a latter Date

                         Switch-In-Time Live! Summer 1999 CD 2 

                         Switch-In-Time Live at Van Wyck November 29th 1999  

                Future Projects:

                           Switch -In-Time The 2000 Edition CD


    Equipment Used By The Band:

The entire recording was done on the Tascam  DA-302:

Bellow are the original DAT tapes used as the master for the CD:

And then the Final Product:



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