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    Switch In Time prides itself in having the largest jazz library in the area. You can find jazz music from every prolific composer in the jazz idiom. Some other charts are from composers that are not as well known, but still are worthy of being played by the jazz masters. If you are looking for a specific chart try checking the song library database at the bottom of the page. These are just a few great charts Switch in Time has in the library: In the library organized by title. The letter "V" designated the song as a vocal. We do have different arrangements of songs by the same title in the library. Some are vocals others are by different arrangers. 

  Composer  Niehaus                                                

                   Reference                   Title

                   3                      BAYOU BELLE

                   654                  CRUISE CONTROL

                   62                    SOME LIKE IT BLUES

                   653                   PENNY WISHES

  Composer  Nestico

                   Reference                   Title

                   69                   SWING STREET

                   180                  HAY BURNER

                   179                  THE GREAT DEBATE

                   416                  LOOK WHAT I FOUND

                   394                  IT'S OH SO NICE

                   419                  CAREFREE

                   414                  LATIN LUSTER

                   16                   DUCK SOUP

                   294                  SATIN 'N GLASS            

                   70                    SWITCH IN TIME

                   476                  PRESSURE COOKER

                   474                  CAUGHT SPEEDING

  Composer  Porter

                   Reference                   Title

                   370                   I GET A KICK OUT OF

                   327                   I LOVE PARIS

                   508                   LOVE FOR SALE

                   305                   BEGIN THE BEGUINE

                   503                   IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH

                   363                   ANYTHING GOES

                   563                   WHAT IS THIS THING

                   18                     EASY TO LOVE

                   329                   I'VE GOT YOU UNDER

                   161                   GET OUT OF TOWN

                   174                   NIGHT AND DAY

                   332                   I GET A KICK OUT OF

                   359                   IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH 

  Composer  Basie

                   Reference                   Title

                   54                    ONE O'CLOCK JUMP

                   447                   I JUST FOUND OUT

                   38                    JA-DA

                   427                   EVERYDAY I HAVE THE BLUES

                   426                   CAUGHT A TOUCH OF

                   361                   HONEY SUCKLE ROSE

  Composer  Ellington

                   Reference                   Title

                   641                   SOPHISTICATED LADY

                   385                   IT DON'T MEAN A

                   373                   MAIN STEM

                   517                   MOOD INDIGO

                   381                   IN A MELLOW TONE

                   391                   CONCERTO FOR COOTIE

                   640                   IT DON'T MEAN A

                   464                   CARAVAN

                   274                   SATIN DOLL

                   135                   SATIN DOLL

                   372                   C JAM BLUES

                   13.1                   SATIN DOLL

                   560                     SOLITUDE

Composer  Miller

                   Reference                   Title

                   366                   MOONLIGHT SERENADE

                   220                   PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000

                   481                   IN THE MOOD

                   185                   FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE


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